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Project Ten

In March 2014, in collaboration with the Jewish agency, we began a volunteering program for young Jewish people from around the world and from Israel at Sha'ar La'Adam - Bab L'ilInsan. The Ten Project of the Jewish Agency is meant to strengthen the volunteers' connection to the concept of "Tikkun" (rectification act) taken from Judaism, which will lead to sustainable development for communities in need. Parallel to the opening of the Ten center at Sha'ar La'Adam - Bab L'ilInsan, the project operates in Mexico, Ethiopia and India as well as in Mitzpe Ramon in southern Israel.

The center at Sha'ar La'Adam - Bab L'ilInsan is built in such a way, that 10 – 25 young volunteers shall arrive in each volunteering cycle for a period of 5 months (two cycles per year), of which ca. 40% will be Israeli and the others from abroad. Every year we also welcome 2-3 volunteers to the TEN! Program doing a service year through the "Freunde der Erziehungskunst", a German government funded program aimed at volunteering in anthroposophical institutions abroad.
During their volunteering period, volunteers participate in sustainable development work with the local Jewish and Arab population, in collaboration with local associations and organizations. Participants undergo a learning process regarding identity and connection to Israel, as well as on subjects relevant to their voluntary work.


The Voluntary Work


The voluntary work lays emphasis on teaching English to children and youth of the neighboring Arab villages Ka'abiyye and Zarzir and the city of Shefa'amr, as well as working with people with special needs from the curative communities in Kibbutz Harduf.

The activity takes place both within the formal educational system and in informal frameworks. The activity focuses on empowering the youth's abilities and imparting skills that will support both their ideal integration in society and in empowering their leadership ability and their social values.

In addition to working with youth, the volunteers are also involved in ecological building and in helping in the construction of the permanent buildings at Sha'ar La'Adam-Bab L'ilInsan in the forest.

The goals of the voluntary work:

  • Enable the volunteers to work for "Tikkun Olam" (rectification and rebuilding of the world according to the Jewish Tikkun concept).

  • Help the volunteers encounter the Jewish-Arab reality in the land of Israel.

  • Facilitate encounters between Jewish volunteers from around the world and Israeli volunteers, for working together to get to know themselves as individuals, as well as the human values of Judaism.

  • Support activity which strengthens young local population, so that they can create a better human reality in Israel in the future.

  • Create a balanced program which combines voluntary work with community life, teaching Jewish values, self-knowledge, familiarity with Israeli reality, physical acquaintance with the natural landscapes in Israel, as well as a challenging encounter with questions pertaining the future on both human and ecological levels.

  • Enable a common Jewish-Arab life and bridge over the rifts which lead to conflicts between Jews and Arabs.

  • Create for young people a volunteering spirit directed not only to goals regarding security and settlement, but also social goals and the possibility to create a culture of shared Jewish-Arab life.



The Program:

  • Volunteering; teaching English in elementary schools in the local Bedouin villages Ka'abiyye, Zarzir and the city of Shefa-'Amr, as well as working in the curative communities at Harduf.

  • Impart skills and knowledge in teaching, ecology and art, for the purpose of the voluntary work.

  • Building the permanent village in the forest, which will be built ecologically.

  • Learning and discussing value-related questions pertaining to social life and self knowledge.

  • Communal group activity for deepening the connection between the group members.

  • Hikes in Israel and getting to know Israeli nature, culture and society.

  • Community garden work, including building with mud, collecting water and learning about ecological working methods.

  • Artistic and theatrical work in the local schools.

  • Teaching workshops to pupils from the area on ecological subjects, including work experience at the Sha'ar La'Adam - Bab L'ilInsan center.

  • Work experience in Bio-Dynamic gardening.

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