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Our Projects

Central to the vision of the center is the engagement in coexistence efforts to bridge the gap between local Jewish and Arab communities, and ultimately bring people together from all cultures to learn, grow, and build both intercultural and interpersonal relationships. 


We currently have 5 main projects operating at our center:

  • The Midrasha youth program

  • Project Ten volunteering community

  • Ecological Centre

  • Coexistence Theatre

  • Interfaith Devotion House


All of our projects and programs are founded on the belief that by means of common educational groupwork and cooperation, it is possible to create a process which encourages individuals to develop, connect and bond together on a deep level which supercedes political or social customs that may otherwise prohibit collaboration. Moreover, we believe that through artistic pursuits, ecological activities, egalitarian work, and communal living, individuals and groups are capable of overcoming national separation. Our goal is to ultimately bridge the personal and cultural gaps between Jewish and Arab people, and bring people together to work for each other and for the wider national community of Jews and Arabs within Israel. Future work may allow us to bring this essential coexistence work to the Galilee and the occupied Palestinian Territories which face violence, conflict, and territorial dispute which we believe can be bridged through the coexistence work of the Sha’ar LaAdam-Bab L’ilInsan center.

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