Sha'ar La'Adam – Bab L'ilInsan occupies a large area in the midst of a cool shady forest, and is open to hosting educational groups and seminars. 



  • Large shaded outdoor camping ground

  • 5 lodging rooms, with a capacity for 6 people in each

  • Open air theatre for an audience up to 300 people

  • Outdoor picnic area 

  • Equipped outdoor kitchen including fridge.

  • Ecological composting toilets

  • Outdoor Showers

  • A central gathering area

  • Fire pit and circle 

  • Electricity connection points

Near the centre:

  • Classrooms and gathering halls at Kibbutz Harduf 

  • Nahal Tzippori river and hike

  • Old flour mill hiking trail

  • Swimming pool during bathing months only 

For visits and reservations please contact:​


Sha'ar La'Adam – Bab L'ilInsan

Kibbutz Harduf

D.N. Hamovil 1793000


Sha'ar LaAdam - Bab L'ilInsan is an international center for educational, ecological and spiritual activities, striving to provide answers to the complex reality between the Jewish and the Arab communities in the Galilee, through the creation of a common Jewish-Arab culture.

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Sha'ar LaAdam – Bab L'ilInsan

Kibbutz Harduf

D.N. Hamovil 1793000


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