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Community. Ecology. Coexistence.


Sha’ar LaAdam-Bab L’ilInsan is a spiritual centre located in the lower Galilee region of Israel, between Kibbutz Harduf and the Arab village of Ka’abiyye. The centre was founded in 2002 to promote the joint participation of Jews and Arabs from the surrounding communities, with the goal of creating stronger ties between both groups based on mutual acquaintance and solidarity. The Sha’ar LaAdam-Bab L’ilInsan forest functions as an ecological coexistence centre for seminars, agricultural work, communal living, and volunteer activities, in addition to the organization of events and seminars for the wider community.


Central to our vision  is the engagement in coexistence efforts to bridge the gap between local Jewish and Arab communities, and ultimately bring people together from all cultures to learn, grow, and build both intercultural and interpersonal relationships. Through meeting culturally diverse people, individuals spending time in this setting are confronted with questions like "Who am I?", "Who is she/he?", "What are our path as a human beings?". Central to our vision is bridging the gap between individuals and groups in striving for a community beyond cultural divides. This striving is an initiative sorely needed in Israel, especially in the lower Galilee region where Jewish and Arab communities live side by side but rarely cross paths, live, or work together. This is the central goal of  our centre here at Sha’ar LaAdam-Bab L’ilInsan  -  to promote intercultural living and interpersonal relationships through our different projects and initiatives.

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